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New Year, New Goals

At last, it’s a new year and along with every new year comes new goals.  Some people refer to them as resolutions, projects, new beginnings.  The list could go on and on with catch-phrases we have coined to make ourselves feel better about finally doing the things we should have been doing all along!

Let’s set a new goal together.  For some people it will be a reforming of habits.  For others it will be a complete lifestyle change.  Let’s set a goal to make oral health as important as physical health.  We go to the gym on our lunch hour to become strong and lean.  We go on cleanses to rid our bodies of harmful toxins.  We schedule annual exams like pap smears, and colonoscopies, to check for cancers and other diseases.  But what many of us don’t do is utilize dental coverage we are paying for monthly.  We forgo annual oral cancer screenings, we never get around to scheduling our two free exams and cleanings included in our insurance policies.  We buy floss picks instead of the real thing.  We fall asleep without brushing our teeth.  And when we do brush twice a day, we almost never reach the recommended two minutes.  

So let’s decide right now that our resolution, our project, our new beginning, our lifestyle change, our reformation of habits is to make oral health a priority.  We will dust off those insurance cards and utilize our benefits.  We will pay extra if need be for oral cancer screenings because we realize that by the time oral cancer is detected by the naked eye it is most likely in an advanced stage.  We will have at least two routine cleanings this year.  We will buy actual floss!  We will brush, in a circular motion, twice a day for a full two minutes.  Our oral health will be the talk of the town.  

In your quest to achieve the ultimate oral health, if you find you need assistance we at Sweet Tooth Dental Loft are here to help.  We will eagerly greet you when you arrive.  We will guide you through proper brushing and flossing techniques.  We will correct any areas that may have fallen by the waist-side in previous years, and we will do everything in our dental power to make your mouth the best mouth it can be.  We are committed to serving you and all your dental needs.  

Happy New Year!

Tip of the Month: Flossing in combination with toothbrushing can not only prevent gum disease but it can reduce the risk of heart attack, diabetes, and protect your arteries.  Gently slide your floss between your teeth and make a “C-shape” when entering your gums for maximum effectiveness!

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