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What's In The Name "Sweet Tooth Dental Loft"?

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When you think back on past dental visits I bet you can remember your dentist and hygienist saying “make sure to cut down on the sweets.” So how in the world was someone crazy enough to name their office Sweet Tooth Dental Loft? And have you ever heard someone refer to their dental office as a loft? Doesn’t that sound chic? Well to be quite honest, it sounds like somewhere I want to be!

Here at Sweet Tooth Dental Loft we understand that our cravings don’t all center on broccoli and carrot sticks. We all enjoy dessert and juice and dare I say it…candy from time to time. Our mission is to teach you different ways to satisfy your sweet tooth. It doesn’t have to come from eating an entire tub of ice cream, or drinking juices that contain less than 10% real fruit, or having a candy bar that contains a caloric count equivalent to a full day of meals. We want to show you options for low-sugar snacks, healthy fruit juices, and even some sugar-free candy! Don’t worry, if you do indulge in “the real thing” we’ll educate you on how to care for your teeth afterwards. Sweet Tooth Dental Loft is dedicated to applicable choices and techniques that work for our patients lifestyles.

And did we mention the iPad bar? Yeah, that’s where the loft comes into play. We have put time and energy into creating an environment that makes you glad you came to the dentist. Our lobby features not just an iPad bar, but free Wi-Fi for our patients and their families that are waiting, as well as a Keurig coffee maker for hot drinks, and complimentary bottled water. If you come on certain days of the month, there may just be a thing or two to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours…

This is not your typical dental office, so try not to be surprised when you don’t have your typical dental experience. Taking care of your teeth can be fun and energetic. It doesn’t have to be dreaded nor is there a need for the vibe to feel sterile. We strongly believe you can be relaxed at the dental office!

We want to thank you in advance for choosing Sweet Tooth Dental Loft to oversee all of your dental needs. Be sure to check our website for monthly blogs, and follow us on social media for tips and contests.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Tip of the Month: Candy craving? Choose sugar-free when available.
Jelly Belly Sugar-Free Jelly Beans offer a wide range of fruity flavors. A handful will quench any sweet tooth craving that comes your way. Nutrition facts (for 20 beans): 46 calories

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